Transition, European Vision, and Local Community Support


The energy transition has become “a unique opportunity to improve the economy, as it boosts industrial competitiveness by leveraging renewable energy,” says David Robinson, a researcher at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. For this transition to be successful, “a European vision is needed, but also the support of local communities,” adds the expert who will participate in Foro Sella. National and European energy policies, regulations, networks for transporting renewable energies, and energy management that ensures competitiveness are some of the key factors that will shape the energy transition of the industry in the coming years and will be analyzed on [...]

Transition, European Vision, and Local Community Support2024-05-14T14:45:15+00:00

“We Have 95% of the Technologies for the Energy Transition”


It is possible to tackle the challenge of the energy transition with current technological development, according to Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor at Stanford University, one of the main speakers at Foro Sella 2024, an international conference that will take place on Thursday, May 23, in Villanueva de Gállego (Zaragoza). Ensuring the supply of renewable energy is currently a fundamental competitive advantage for undertaking the energy transition and the decarbonized reindustrialization of all sectors of the economy. This is the case with data centers, which are essential for the development of big data and artificial intelligence. Currently, they consume around 200 [...]

“We Have 95% of the Technologies for the Energy Transition”2024-05-14T14:27:31+00:00
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