Foro Sella, debuting with the International Conference on Industry, Data, and Energy, will take place in Zaragoza on November 24th and will have a comprehensive focus on all aspects relevant to the industrial sector related to innovation, energy, and sustainability. The event will be more than just a conference on industrial energy management; it will serve as a showcase of innovation, with the Autonomous Community of Aragón as a model of good practices. From the production of renewable energy to its transmission through the electrical grid, regulation, technological development, and public-private collaboration, this event will cover all crucial aspects of energy management.

According to Albert Concepción, Director of Foro Industria y Energía – FIE, one of the event’s promoters, ‘the way energy is used will change how industrial companies operate, and Aragón is already doing it. We are not truly facing an energy transition, but rather an economic and social change.’ These words underscore the importance of this event and its ability to shape the future of the industry.

Sustaining Competitiveness in a World in Transition

One of the central themes of Foro Sella is how energy and its management become essential elements in maintaining the competitiveness of the industry in the global ecological transition. In a world demanding greater environmental responsibility, companies must adapt and find ways to thrive in this new environment. Foro Sella will provide the tools and information necessary to successfully meet this challenge.

In this regard, the transformation of industrial areas into energy hubs will be addressed by Santos Prieto, President of the Spanish Confederation of Business Areas (CEDAES). Meanwhile, Ignacio Velilla, President of SpainDC, the data center association in Spain, affiliated to the European project Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact supported by the European Commission, will present the work being done by data centers in pursuit of climate neutrality. Additionally, Fernando Samper García, CEO of wind and solar development at Forestalia, will present the industrial energy management model implemented by Forestalia, an Aragon-based business group dedicated to the promotion and construction of renewable energy projects. Julio Tejedor, representative of the Aragón Energy Cluster, will detail the considered vectors of change in the energy model: the grid, generation, and management.

Aragón: An Industrial Investment Destination

Aragón presents itself as an ideal industrial investment destination, especially in the context of renewable energy growth. The region stands out for its commitment to clean and sustainable energy generation, making it a strategic location for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to positive change.

Evidence of this is the establishment of ICT companies and data centers in recent years, as well as the evolution of various electro-intensive industrial companies in the paper, automotive, and appliance sectors, among others, which will participate in a panel discussion within this international conference of Foro Sella.

Finally, diplomatic representatives and European institutions will address the challenge of energy transition from a global and institutional perspective. In summary, Foro Sella is the event that will set the standard for energy management and sustainability in the industry. It’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and take note of best practices.

Registrations are open with free access by filling out the web form. The energy future is here, and your company has the opportunity to be a part of it.