The need to ensure sustainability and green transition is motivating industries to join the global effort to reduce their carbon footprint. At the first International Conference on Industry, Data, and Energy organized by ForoSella and promoted by FIE, ICT companies and datacenters in Aragon will share their insights and actions related to energy management from the most innovative perspective, for their long-term sustainability, competitiveness, and, of course, to combat climate change.

Information Technology and Communication (ITC) companies and datacenters are proving to be leaders in adopting innovative energy management solutions, showcasing their commitment to a greener and more sustainable future. These industries are paving the way and demonstrating how a European project, the Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact, supported by the European Commission, is playing a crucial role in this transformation.

Energy Efficiency in Datacenters: an Unwavering Commitment

Datacenters are crucial in our digital era, as they store and manage critical data for businesses and consumers. However, their growth poses challenges in terms of energy consumption. Aware of this reality, datacenter companies have been investing in innovative technologies to improve energy efficiency.

One of the most prominent initiatives in Europe is the Climate Neutral Datacenter Pact, which brings together industry-leading companies with the goal of achieving carbon neutrality for European datacenters by 2030. This pact is backed by the European Commission and is aimed at accelerating the transition to renewable energy, the adoption of more efficient cooling technologies, and the implementation of sustainable energy management practices.

ITC and Sustainability as a Winning Combination

ITC companies are also significantly contributing to innovative energy management. The implementation of technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, and network optimization has reduced the need for physical hardware and, consequently, energy consumption. Furthermore, these companies are leading efforts to use renewable energy sources in their operations and have set carbon emissions reduction targets.

The aim is to discuss, within the framework of this international conference, inspiring examples of collaboration between companies and governments to achieve carbon neutrality while maintaining competitiveness.

To register, please fill out the web form. Access to the streaming or the in-person event is free until seating is filled.